Top 10: Worst Car Accessories

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Manufacturers not only spend ten of thousands of man hours perfecting the way cars look they also invest many millions of pounds in order to enhance and improve the aesthetic appeal of their cars. Yet some, far from satisfied with the look and feel of their car, choose to undertake a process of diy modification.

This sometimes unhealthy obsession with enhancing and modifying cars can all to easily leads to the addition of tasteless accessories such as ‘lamborghini doors’ or ‘neon lights’. Some individuals even go on to spend many thousands of pounds more than they bought their car for in the first place and often without a care for the potential insurance policy implications.

Prepare yourself for a selection of surprisingly popular, yet ridiculously tacky and totally useless car accessories as we look at the ten worst offenders.

Spinning wheel rims

1. Spinning Rims

Our number one spot has to rest with spinning rims. Popular in the 50s, spinning rims were once seen as an item of class. The intention is to replicate the look of spinning wheels whilst remaining stationary. The rims often feature in what some might refer to as over produced music videos for up and coming rap stars and are thankfully far more common in the USA than they are in the UK.

Tinted windows

2. Tinted Windows

First patented by 3M in 1961, the thin black film was once the preserve of the rich and famous and was applied to the rear window of cars with the intention of increasing privacy. Nowadays window tinting is commonly used by younger drivers who risk flouting UK law which stipulates that a minimum of 75% of light should be able to pass through the front windscreen and 70% through the front side windows. It should also be noted that attempting to sell a car, which in the eyes of the law has been over tinted, is a criminal offence.

Fake eye lashes

3. Fake eye lashes

For reasons unbeknown to us, some individuals feel the need to extend their obsession with false eyelashes, to their car. This may leave you woondering if we will one day see cars donned with blonde wigs? And, when is enough really enough?

White fluffy car dice

4. Fury Dice

Furry dice are probably one of the most common car accessories you will ever come across. Back in the late 1990s they we’re the ‘cool’ thing to have, although, it’s now 2013 and a set of fury dice will do little for your image, so steer clear at all costs.

Fake turbo

5. Fake Turbo

On a mission to avoid a hike in their insurance premium, some motorisits, hell bent on having a turbo fitted, opt to fake it. This begs a one word question, why? After all a fake turbo won’t in any way enhance a car’s performance, although, it will produce a phssssst sound when you exhilarate, just like the real thing, perhaps a blatant sign of poor taste?

Neon car lights

6. Neon lights

Despite the law preventing motor cars from being light up with neon lights, they are all to often fitted to the underside of the chassis by overenthusiastic individualls, who in their moment of madness are convinced they look ‘cool’. Inevitably some will argue otherwise, but in our opinion neon lights belong firmly on the dance floor.

Car body kits

7. Body Kits

We probably all dream of owning an exotic sports car, although, few of us are likely to ever poses the wonga required to purchase one, this is where body kits come in. Usually fitted with the intention of increasing or enhancing the sporty look of a car. Although some body kits are well considered additions most tend to be outrageously over the top and boarder-lining ‘chavy’.

Scissor doors

8. Scissor Doors

The 1969 Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car was the first to feature scissor doors although they were soon adopted by Italian manufacturer Lamborghini. With conversion kits readily available, many cars including Fiesta’s and Corsas have been fitted with scissor doors, although in our opinion the only place for such doors is on the super cars they were intended for.

Car decals

9. Car Stickers

Car stickers, if used tastefully can enhance the look of a car, for example the Ford Fiesta ST looks great with go faster stripes, in fact it almost looks incomplete without them. But, when people choose to plaster the side of their car with generic tribal art it does nothing but de-value the whole idea.

In car signs

10. In-Car Signs

Last but not least, we have in-car signs, the first featured the slogan ‘baby on board’ and was intended to make other motorists aware of the presence of a baby in the car, perhaps in the hope that they would adopt a more sensible driving style. Far from serving any actual purpose, in car signs are now widely available with slogans such as ‘princess on board’ and ‘I don’t stop for anyone’.

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