A New Car Buyer's Guide

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Buying a new car is a big decision and when doing so there are many things you should keep in mind. In this article we will explore the things that you should be looking for, how to ensure you get the best deal possible and how to come away with a great car that is perfect for you. Much like purchasing a new house, buying a car is an investment and not something that you should rush into. It is important when looking at such a big purchase that you take your time to make sure you make the right decision, after all you are parting with a very large sum of money.

Is buying new the best option for you?

Buying new is without question the most expensive option, the initial cost and then the almost instant depreciation the moment you drive it away makes it a costly way of buying a car. You should always consider the future resale value of your new vehicle, as there will be some cars that will hold their value better than others. Looking at second hand prices of the car you are looking to buy is a good way of estimating the future resale value, should you decide to sell a few years later. There are several options when buying a car and buying new is just one of them. Pre-registered or nearly new cars are just as the title would suggest, nearly new. These cars are usually registered in bulk by dealerships and tend to have extremely low mileage, the saving made on the cars is passed on to the customer which means they can benefit from that as well as the remaining manufacturer’s warranty.

Do your research

As with any big purchase, it’s always advisable to know as much as you can about your new car.  It’s important to do your research before heading to a showroom and the Internet makes this a much easier task, use online review sites to make a list of things your vehicle must have so you know exactly what you want before you even see a car.

The way in which you use your car will have an impact on how you go about deciding on a new one. If you have a big family and need your vehicle to be able to transport people from place to place your car would need to be able to do that, however  you would need to consider the running cost and insurance that might be higher with a larger vehicle. Annual mileage is something that should be a deciding factor too, if you spend a lot of your time driving then a car that is fuel efficient with lower emissions might be right for you. There are many sites that allow you to view the fuel economy statistics, emissions and you can even find out how much it will cost to tax and insure. The cost of insurance varies depending on a number of factors and many vehicles will have a much higher premium than others as a result. Choosing a new car is made much easier by researching your options based on what you need from a car and then coming up with a shortlist, you can then go about visiting a dealership and booking a test drive or two. You must be open minded to a number of cars, that way you can really make a choice based on what’s best for you and your wallet. Make sure to read plenty of reviews, visit discussion forums and speak to current vehicle owners to get an idea about reliability and aftersales service.

Have a drive!

Test drive as many cars as you like, there’s not a limit. It’s a big decision and you want to make sure you make the right one; you want a car that ticks all the right boxes and the only way of finding that elusive vehicle is by testing them out. Take your time during a test drive, and test drive a number of cars to get used to how different models operate. Take the car on different roads, and if you can, the routes you would usually take on a day to day basis as this will give you a better feel of the car.

Take your time

Don’t feel rushed into making a decision, go away and look at your options before signing anything. It’s a huge decision and it’s something that should be thought about. It can be very easy to get carried away and jump into a decision, this is why it is important to go away and review all the information you have gathered before coming to a final decision. Don’t feel at any point you are obliged to buy a car, only sign a contract when you feel that you have found the perfect car and got the best deal you could.

Service and aftersales

When buying a car you must thing about the long term, once you drive away that isn’t the end of it. It’s hard to imagine anything going wrong with your new car, but at some point you might need repairs and you will definitely need to service the vehicle. Take a look at the service plans available, and how much it would cost to service and MOT the vehicle. You might even be able to get a good deal on a lifetime guarantee with some dealerships when you purchase a new car. After sales is extremely important in order to prolong the life of your car, as well as having a point of contact should anything (touch wood) go wrong, or simply for your annual service. Speak to people who have dealt with a company to gage the level of service you would receive.


Finance is there to enable you to spread the cost of expensive purchases, much like a mortgage does when you buy a house. 0% finance tends to be something that people look for but it isn’t always the best option. Look at the long term and make a decision based on how much it will cost you over the course of your repayments before committing to a finance package. It can seem confusing as there are many finance options to choose from, but all you have to do is decide what best fits your circumstances. Would you like a lease, a hire purchase contract or a personal contract purchase? Look at different providers and decide on which suits you the most. 

Have fun! 

Enjoy yourself. Buying a new car can be stressful, but you have to try to have fun with it. It’s not something you do everyday so enjoy the experience. If you have researched the vehicles, and found a car that meets your needs as well as not breaking the bank, you should be very happy with your new vehicle. If you’re looking for a new car, try visiting Stoneacre.co.uk for the latest new car deals.

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