UK Number plate expected to fetch £1million

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

One of the first number plates ever registered in the UK has been listed for sale on with the price tag of £1million.

The plate ‘X1’ originally issued in December 1903 by Northumberland County Council has been described as ‘historical’ it’s believed the number plate was one of five plates ranging from x1 to x5, the plates were originally issued to members of a committee in Tynemouth which campaigned for the ‘red flag’ legislation to be scrapped.

The red flag legislation meant that the first cars were limited to a speed of just 4mph on open roads and just 2mph in towns and cities, three people were required to operate the vehicle with one of them having to walk 60 yards ahead carrying a red flag to warn people of the vehicles presence.

If the number plate sells for the full asking price it would make it the most expensive UK number plate ever sold, more than doubling the previous record which was set by the ‘F1’ plate which was bought by Bradford based businessman Afzal Khan in 2008 for £375,000.

It’s hard to predict who will buy the number plate, the most obvious car to suite the plate would be a BMW  X1 with a price tag of £24,660, although the person most likely to have the funds to buy the plate would be the owner of the one of Mclaren X-1, which is rumoured to have cost well over £1million.

If the plate fails to sell for the asking price within the next two weeks it will be entered into an online auction.

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