Celebrating 100 Years of Citroen

23 Jul 2019 by Sam Bisby

Only a handful of car companies have had the privilege of reaching the grand milestone of 100 years in business – in 2019, Citroen joins those ranks.

Born out of the depression of The Great War, Citroen has brought us some of the most iconic and brilliantly designed cars the world has ever seen – from the 2CV to the DS, Citroen has always channelled its Avant Garde approach with pride.

It’s not always just been about design, however. Citroen has been a pioneer in bringing through new technologies to the industry that are just as adventurous as its aesthetics.

To mark its centenary, we’ve gone way back to where it all started for the French marque, to man they called André Citroën, right through to a manufacturer who loves to break boundaries of how a car should look and operate.

100 Years of Citroen

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