10 Top Apps for Drivers

By: Lisa Harper

There’s no escaping our reliance on mobiles and their increasing ability to take on more tasks and reduce the need for us to have separate gadgets. Our cars are no exception, and app builders are continually coming up with apps to make our time driving easier and less stressful. Whether it’s avoiding traffic on your commute to work or finding a free parking space in a busy city, there are now plenty of apps to choose from.

Here’s the lowdown on 10 of our favourite apps:

1. TomTom – wave goodbye to the bulky SatNav unit with TomTom’s app available for Iphone or Android. Get the convenience of TomTom’s clutter free interface and easy functionality directly on your Smartphone. Free for the first 50 miles each month with unlimited options available for a subscription fee, the TomTom app offers a more comprehensive route guidance than other free smartphone apps available. With precise traffic information TomTom can update your journey to avoid areas of congestion, whilst Speed Camera alerts ensure you’re aware of the speed limit.

2. Beat the Traffic – Stay ahead of the game on your daily commute with this handy app that allows you to check the traffic conditions before you head out. This means you can adjust your route accordingly and helps prevent wasted hours stuck in traffic jams.

3. PetrolPrices – Whilst many of us will know where to head to get a decent fuel price at home, on long journeys or when away from home we can often get stung by inflated prices, or just struggle to locate a petrol station.  Struggle no more this helpful App available for Andorid or IOS which locates the cheapest fuel near to you, no matter where you are in the country.

4. Spotify – Don’t be restricted to the radio, with the Spotify app you can listen to your favourite music on the go. With a comprehensive library of millions of tracks covering all genres, you’ll never get bored! Plus Spotify has a wealth of playlists ready for any occasion.  Stream for free, or subscribe for offline listening and an ad free service.

5. AA Parking – Well worth the £1.99 it costs to download, with The AA Parking App, parking has never been easier. Gone are the days of a stressful and often monotonous drive around a city trying to locate a car park. With data on the UK and Ireland the app will help you find a parking spot. With real time availability you can see Car Parks with spaces available, view Park and Ride options, check the parking hours at a particular site and search for the nearest or cheapest parking options depending on your vehicle.

6. Motorway Services GB – Great for people who spend a large chunk of their time on the road, this App has comprehensive details on all service stations within the UK. See what facilities and shops are available before you stop.

7. Find My Car – We’ve all done it- parked up in a big multi-storey, gone off had a great day, then returned to the car park to find that we have no idea where we parked. Well worry no more this amazing app does what it says on the tin. Using GPS the exact location of your car is recorded.  When returning to your car you can view your current position in relation to the car so you know where you need to go to return to your car or you can even use Google Navigation (or another external app) to get directions straight to where your car is parked.

8. Roadtrippers – Plan your next road trip the easy way. As well as providing information on the quickest route from A to B, the app also brings up points of interest, restaurants and hotels along the way, allowing you to make the most of your journey. Great for busy parents this app will transform your holiday drive from a chore into part of the experience. 

9. iCarMode – Transform your phone into a handy dash with everything you need at your fingertips. Featuring large buttons and simple display to reduce distraction it is easier and safer to use on the move. Drivers can set up a customised dashboard with a host of features available including music, satnav, favourite contacts, places nearby and many more.

10. Carcorder – Dashcams are becoming a key trend within the car industry. However if you don’t want to shell out for a separate unit, this app provides a great alternative. It allows you to film footage using your phone whilst driving and can be really handy in the event of an incident. You can switch between recording, map view and the camera easily, giving greater functionality than just a Dashcam. The app also tracks your location and lets you know when you’re travelling over the speed limit.

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