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Best Car Finance Deals

We have compiled a list of car deals currently on offer – from Hire Purchase to Personal Contract Purchase and beyond. There's so much to choose from that it will be easy to get financing to suit your needs.

Hire Purchase Deals

Hire Purchase (HP) finance is an excellent choice for those wanting to own a car at the end of contract, though the payments tend to be higher because of it. You can make HP more affordable by part-exchanging your current car.

PCP Deals

One of the most popular finance options Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is perfect for those looking at more flexibility and lower monthly costs. At the end of the contract, you can choose whether to keep a car or exchange it.

PCH Deals

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a personal leasing option that is suited for people who don’t want to own a car and like to change cars every few years. You can find lots of leasing deals from Audi to VW available at Stoneacre.

0% Finance Deals

Our 0% APR deals allow you to drive a new or used vehicle for cheaper. We stock cars from a wide range of manufacturers, so picking the right 0% offer is hassle-free. For more info head over to our 0% deal page.

Finance and Insurance Deals 

You’ll find insurance combined with car finance packages from manufacturers, such as Citroen and Peugeot. These type of deals are perfect for young drivers that are just starting out, so the costs are lower than taking insurance and finance separately. 

No Deposit Finance Deals 

Covering a car finance deposit can be costly when signing up for car finance, luckily, it doesn’t have to be with our no deposit finance deals. It’s also available in conjunction with Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase deals.

How to Apply for Car Finance Deals?

Found a car finance deal that ticks all the right boxes for you? Simply fill in our finance form to check your eligibility in under 10 minutes and receive an instant decision.

There’s also no effect on your credit score, as it goes through a soft search only. 

Can I get a car finance deal with bad credit history? 

Yes, we believe that car finance shouldn’t be a luxury that only the selected few can afford. That’s why at Stoneacre, you’ll find car finance deals are available with bad credit and benefits.

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