Vauxhall Partners Scheme

As a manufacturer, Vauxhall has many ‘Partner’ companies and as an employee or an immediate family member of an employee at one of these firms, you can benefit from massive savings when buying a Vauxhall car or commercial vehicle. It is the same case for those who are members of an affiliated organisation with the manufacturer, with many such groups nationwide.

At Stoneacre you can take advantage of these savings and other benefits through our own retailers across the north of country, with our Vauxhall branches located in Blackburn, Grantham and Scarborough. Our sales executives within these dealerships will be able to help you with any Vauxhall Partners enquiry and take you through the whole process to make it as simple as possible.

Are you eligible for Vauxhall Partners?

To be able to take advantage of the Vauxhall Partners Programme, you’ll need to be an employee of an associate Partner company or are part of an associate organisation. It is also possible to nominate a member of your family to benefit from these savings on a Vauxhall car or commercial vehicle and between you, it is possible to purchase up to six vehicles in any 12-month period.

The following family members can all qualify for the Vauxhall Partners Discount:

- Partners or spouse

- Parents and step-parents

- Brothers and sisters

- Children and step-children

Vauxhall Partners

There are numerous companies who are part of the Vauxhall Partners scheme, including the AA, Adidas, British Heart Foundation and DHL. Feel free to contact us below to discuss your eligibility for the Partners scheme and we'll see what benefits you can take advantage of if you qualify.


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