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Survey: is new technology influencing our car buying habits?

Times they are a changin’ in the car industry, with new technologies and regulations heading this way. Will they affect your car buying decisions? Let us know.

Top 10 bikes in video games

The Stoneacre Web Team has put together our list of the top ten bikes in video games. See if your favourite made the cut!

The Most Stunning Nürburgring Lap Times

The Nürburgring is an iconic racing circuit where records are broken and legends are made. We’ve taken a look at some of the track’s most stunning laps. Some may surprise you.

Best retro hot hatches

The UK loves a hot hatch and we’d like to salute those that started the movement, including everything from GTi to GTE.

Ford to launch hybrid US Police Interceptor

Shocking news for speeders and criminals - Ford to launch high-performance hybrid Police interceptor in America.

Britain's Top 10 selling cars

Here it is - the Top 10 list of Britain’s best-selling cars. Will your favourite be on the list? Check for any shocks and surprises.

New Abarth 595 Trofeo

Discover the new Abarth 595 Trofeo, now at Stoneacre Abarth dealerships around the country.

The true cost of road congestion

With UK roads now the fourth most congested in the world, we look at what the true cost of traffic jams mean for ordinary drivers.

Almost 80% of car service bookings now made online

A recent survey showed that 79% of all customers now want to make their car service booking exclusively online.

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