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Arriving in February 2017 - The all NEW Kia Rio

The new Kia Rio supermini is coming to a showroom near you in February 2017. Check out our favourite parts of the car!

Celebrity first cars. Who drove what?

Top celebs drive cars many of us dream of. But what did the likes of Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Barack Obama drive before they became famous?

8 ways to improve your fuel economy

Every month, the price at the pumps goes up, putting more and more pressure on your pocket. To help you get better mpg every time you fill up, read Stoneacre’s handy tips.

Had an accident? Here's what to do

What do you do if you’re involved in a road traffic accident? Our simple guide to the law, plus the dos and don’ts of what actions to take and how to respond should help.

Driving Without An MOT: What You Need To Know

When can you drive your car without a valid MOT? Make sure you know the facts or face the consequences.

10 must-carry essentials for your car

Don’t be caught short if you become stranded in your car. Check out our Top 10 list of must-carry car essentials you should never start a journey without…

How To De-Ice Your Car Quickly & Safely

With cold weather coming, make sure you know how to quickly and safely de-ice your car windscreen with these simple steps.

Essential Tips for Driving in Snow

With snow forecast for the first time this winter, we thought we’d do our bit to keep you safe by collating our Top Tips for Driving in Snow and Ice.

What to do if you put Petrol in a Diesel Car

Mis-fuelling your car is very common amongst UK drivers. Find out what to do if you’ve accidentally put petrol in your diesel car.

Dashboard warning lights: What they mean

"What does this light mean?" Is a well asked question amongst the motoring population, when referring to the small illuminated icons on their cars dashboard. We let you know what they are, and what to do if they light up.

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