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What Are MOT Advisory Notes?

If your vehicle’s had an MOT you may have noticed some advisory notes, but what do they mean and what should you do about them?

MOT Checklist: What's Checked During Your MOT?

Find out exactly what’s checked during an MOT and ensure that your vehicle passes first time with our insightful guide.

Edd China leaves cult show Wheeler Dealers

Much loved Wheeler Dealers’ presenter Edd China shocks fans of the popular show by announcing he’s quitting after 13 years.

When Is My MOT Due?

Our quick guide will help you find out when your MOT is due and tell you how it affects you if you drive a new or used car.

Power Steering Warning Light: What Causes It?

If your power steering warning light comes on it can cause serious problems, making your vehicle difficult to drive. Find out what causes the light to come on and what you should do in our quick guide.

The automotive industry’s most influential leaders?

Who are the biggest movers and shakers in the automotive industry? See if your favourite has made our pick.

DPF Light: What Diesel Drivers Need To Know

If you drive a modern diesel car it’s probably fitted with a DPF, but do you know what one is and what causes the DPF warning light to come on? Find out here.

Coolant Warning Light: What You Should Do

The coolant warning light is the final sign that your engine is overheating. Ignoring it could cause significant damage to your car.

Brake Warning Light: How To React

Your brakes are arguably your car’s most important feature, but what should you do when the brake warning light comes on?

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