New Ford Fiesta revealed

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

The latest version of Britain’s most popular car, the Ford Fiesta, has been revealed in a grand unveiling at the manufacturer’s Cologne base.

Ford CEO, Mark Fields, and Ford of Europe president, Jim Farley, personally launched the new incarnation of the hatchback and its four key variants: Titanium, ST-Line, Vignale and Active.

The two most interesting for those seen have to be the Vignale and Active variants; the former expanding the manufacturer’s luxurious brand and the latter arguably putting the Fiesta within a completely different domain of the market.

Breaking new ground

Ford sees the Titanium version of the new Fiesta as a car for typical, core Fiesta owners, although an uprated spec will ensure most will be surprised with how much is on offer.

Ford’s ST-Line has been a recently employed trim level on both the outgoing Fiesta and the current Focus, with this specification carrying over to the new hatchback. Ford describes the ST-Line variants as the “heart and soul” of the company and is sporting features will no doubt attract many after ST looks and maximum efficiency.

The Vignale range has been steadily growing since its introduction with the Mondeo, with the Fiesta the latest to be added to the collection. A luxurious Fiesta is certainly an interesting proposition and the prospect of a city hatch with a sparkling interior is exciting to say the least.

Ford’s biggest hand to play in the Fiesta unveiling was the Active model. Some may see this as a radical departure from the traditional Fiesta recipe, but additional versatility for one of the best-driving small cars on the market should only enhance its appeal.

Its more robust visuals compared to the other variants certainly make it stand out and will surely bring added functionality to a car known for its capabilities in the city.

Growing up

While the Fiesta DNA can be felt in the new car’s visuals, there’s a definite sense that the hatch’s styling has been matured for an even broader spectrum of drivers than it already had.

Taking cues from recent new Fords as the Ka+ and C-Max, the seventh generation Fiesta has a more rounded look than before, with the ST-Line trim’s exterior perhaps the only version keeping the outgoing car’s edgier look.

Gone are the vertical rear lights and replaced by those more akin to the bigger C-Max; however, the new Fiesta has noticeably grown in size, too.

Getting inside the new Fiesta and you’ll see a revolution of changes. Softer materials than its predecessor adorn the dash, while with elements such as a panoramic roof and a spanking brand new touchscreen infotainment system add a contemporary edge. The introduction of the latter has enabled the designers to remove some 20 buttons removed from the dash.

The latest SYNC 3 software will be installed on the system, complete with sat nav, smartphone and music integration. Meanwhile, there’ll be an option to upgrade the sound system to a premium Bang & Olufsen arrangement.

A whole host of new safety equipment will make its way onto the car, including such technology as a new anti-collision system that detects objects 130 metres in front of the car and automatically brakes if the driver fails to react.

Hot under the collar

Will there be a new Fiesta ST? You can bet your bottom dollar there will be.

No details have been revealed yet, but expect a more aggressive package that would see an increase in power and no doubt torque, too (like it needs it!), from a revised 1.6-litre unit. A reduction in emissions is also anticipated, as Ford looks to make its engines more efficient than ever across each and every range.