Coming March 2017 - All NEW Nissan Micra

Andy Newbound

By: Andy Newbound

Have you noticed how things which were once new and sparkly no longer catch your eye? Self-service cinema tickets? Online shopping? Drive-thru lanes at coffee shops. And perhaps, the Nissan Micra!

Nissan’s small-car has been stalwart of the UK roads since its launch in 1983, and had its last facelift way back in 2010. Pitched against the regularly revamped Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, it had begun to look a little dated. Until now.

Nissan haven’t just given the Micra a new facelift for 2017. They have given it a completely new rebuild, redesign and rethink – with impressive results.

Brand CEO Carlos Ghosn insists the all-new Micra will place itself firmly in the super-mini mix and give its rivals a real run for their money. And we think his confidence is well placed.

Sleeker, smoother, super-mini eye-candy

One look at the completely transformed Micra tells you the car has real eye-candy appeal. Gone is the once unique bubblecar-style body shell, now replaced by a much sleeker and smoother new look. The head-turning body is longer, wider and lower than before, going toe-to-toe with the latest Fiesta.

The redesigned aerodynamics are clear to see, giving the Micra a road-ready look that will appeal to style conscious drivers, both male and female. This is a real step-change for the Micra, which had previously been seen as an option mainly reserved for female drivers.

Perhaps with this in mind, Nissan promises a choice of vivid colours and a host of personalisation options that will enable buyers to really inject their own style and individuality into their Micra.

Improved performance to match the improved styling

There are big changes behind the wheel too. The driving position itself is lower and sportier, appealing to those who enjoy their driving. And the seat, pedals and controls are all set to encourage and enhance the driver’s involvement. This isn’t just a tool to get you from A to B; this is a car Nissan wants you to enjoy!

To deliver this, the Micra’s chassis offers sharper handling than the previous models, with Active Trace Control and Active Ride Control tweaking torque and brake pressure to create a smoother ride. Like we said, this is a car for driving.

It’s also super-safe, with innovative technology including lane-departure prevention and autonomous braking with Pedestrian Detection. If that’s not enough, Nissan also throw in Around View Monitor, traffic sign recognition and blind spot warning.

Packed with seriously smart tech

The enhancements continue inside the cabin. There’s more space; much more space. Making the Micra every bit as roomy as a Corsa. And with lots of shiny new toys to play with, it’s a real ‘refinement’ rival for VW’s Polo too. The Micra’s tech pack includes a seven-inch central touchscreen to control the inbuilt Sat Nav and media systems, along with smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay. Other options include a new Bose six-speaker sound system, with a speaker actually built into the driver’s headrest to deliver a more involved listening experience. This is also helped by significantly reduced cabin noise.

Engine choice is nice and simple – there are two to choose from. A 0.9-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol version from Renault, and a 1.5 four-litre diesel. Both produce 89bhp, so there’s plenty of punch when you take your Micra out on the open roads. Rumour has it, there’ll be a Hybrid engine in the not too distant future.

So there you have it, a brand new Micra designed to ruffle a few ‘established’ feathers and re-establish Nissan’s super-mini as a sector leader. And unlike its predecessors, this car definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Nissan’s restyled Micra hits the showrooms around March 2017 and you can take a look and arrange a test drive at our specialist Nissan dealership in Worksop.