New Peugeot 3008 SUV

Sam Bisby

By: Sam Bisby

Peugeot has reinvented its 3008 from MPV to bold SUV and will be the “most advanced vehicle offered by the brand to date”, with new technologies making their way onto the stylish new model. The new 3008 SUV also promises more interior space despite its compact dimensions, while fuel efficiency has also been boosted over the outgoing model.

The French manufacturer will debut the much updated 3008 at September’s Paris motor show, with orders starting in the UK in November for January deliveries. So, in the meantime, let’s find out what makes the upcoming 3008 SUV such an exciting prospect.


Peugeot has taken quite a bold stance on the 3008 for this latest incarnation and while it looks super-stylish, the car’s design has purpose. It has been developed with aerodynamic benefits in mind, giving the 3008 a much more sculptured look than the one it will replace, with its raised ride height, upright nose and roof bars all giving it a much beefier profile. Ultra Low Rolling Resistance (ULRR) tyres are also fitted as standard to a choice of 17”, 18” or even 19” wheel, further enhancing the car’s efficiency on the road.

Although one of the smallest and more compact models within its segment at just 4450mm in length, the new 3008 till offer greater passenger and luggage space over the outgoing model. The latter improves to 520-litres and is almost 90-litres more than the outgoing 3008; with the seats flat, this new version will offer a total of 1580-litres - one of the largest in its category.

The upcoming 3008 also gets the latest evolution of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit with Amplify, giving the driver and passengers an almost futuristic cabin layout and design that further improves upon the interiors found within the current crop of Peugeot models. An infotainment system sits upon the top of the central dash, while a sophisticated and configurable digital instrument panel in front of the driver gives the cabin a real contemporary edge.

Peugeot 3008


Peugeot has made a determined effort to ensure the new 3008 is lighter than its predecessor and the French firm has succeeded, taking off a whopping 100kg off its kerb weight. The car’s intelligent design has enabled this along with the use of light yet strong materials to give the car not only a more dynamic nature but also enhanced efficiency.

A choice of four petrol and five diesel engines will be on offer when the new 3008 goes on sale in November. Of the petrol units, three will be the 1.2-litre PureTech 130 S&S, with the middle of these offering optimised low fuel consumption and capable of emissions of just 115g/km. Those going for one of the diesels will be able see this figure drop to 100g/km.

Peugeot 3008


This is where the 3008’s technology impresses thanks to an array of highly effective and state-of-the-art innovations. You’ll find the likes of Peugeot’s Active Safety Brake and Distance Alert which warns of possible collisions and applies the brakes automatically if required to avoid the collision or at least lessen its severity.

Meanwhile, the Driver Alert Warning function provides constant analysis of the vehicle’s trajectory against road markings, triggering audible and visual alerts if necessary and reminds drivers to take a break after two hours of continuous driving at a speed greater than 40mph. In addition, you’ll also be able to spec such technologies as Automatic High Beam Assistance, Speed Sign Detection and Recommendation and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop.

Peugeot 3008


Peugeot’s latest i-Cockpit will take most attention in this area, with the concept now getting the addition of sensory buttons which allows the user to press a dedicated key that will enhance the driving experience through the senses. The technology will aid the sight of the driver through ambient lighting and colour screens, the hearing through musical ambiance settings, touch via multi-point massage embedded in the seats and the smell through the aroma from the fragrance diffuser.

In an automotive first, the 3008 will implement technology from French acoustics specialists FOCAL. Known for its patented innovations and unique sonic sound, the 10-speaker system with exclusive FOCAL technology will bring audio quality of another level into the cabin. Elsewhere, you’ll find the digital instrument panel above the steering wheel offers something completely configurable, enabling the driver to see navigation information, media info or conventional dials.

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